Wanderpaar, Christoph Eberle STG

A region that offers everything

All around our hotel you will find plenty of green spaces to relax properly. Nearly all rooms have a beautiful view of the park. Outside, you can enjoy the sun, go on little walks or test your skill with a football, volleyball or crazy golf tournament. You can round off your day in a pleasant atmosphere on our sun terrace.


A network of over 350 km of hiking trails await you. There's something for everyone, whether you want to plan an adventurous hike with your family or just take a leisurely stroll.

The hiking and walking paths around Freudenstadt offer real diversity: discover the dreamy Mummelsee lake, the romantic moorland of the Hohlohseemoor or enjoy the Black Forest panorama on well-signposted hiking trails around the Kniebis ridge.

From May to October you can join guided hikes. As well as guided hikes along the nature trail or forest history path, there are also themed walks, such as tracking tours and mushroom-picking or herb-picking walks.

Below we present some of the best hiking routes:

Freudenstadt circuit

This trail showcases the diversity of the Black Forest. On the one hand, the Northern Black Forest Valley and the Murgtal, which you can look down on from above, and on the other, the open countryside east of Freudenstadt. The trail leads through woods, meadows and fields and past idyllic villages with no significant ascents. Circuit length: 24 km (approx. 7 hours).

Waldgeschichtspfad (Forest History Trail)

This circuit leads through the car-free hiking region of Kienberg, as well as two forests: the adjacent Parkwald and the Techelwald. Experience giant trees such as the mighty Grandfather Pine and learn interesting facts about the history of the farmers, charcoal-makers and log drivers of the Black Forest on 18 boards. From the Friedrichsturm you have a magnificent view over the town and the Black Forest as far as the Swabian Jura. Circuit: 8.5 km (2 hours 50 mins).

The Kastelstein - a natural monument

On this hike you are in virgin Black Forest countryside and travel through the wild Wolftal to the natural monument that is the Kastelstein and along the border that once separated Baden and Württemberg. A walk through this wildly romantic landscape is a unique experience. Circuit: 22.3 km (7 hours 25 mins).

The Westweg (Western Trail) - a long-distance hiking trail

The Westweg leads from Pforzheim to Basel. It leads from the Nagold-Enztal and slowly rises to the heights of the Northern Black Forest towards Dobel. Continuing through extensive forests you reach the Hohloh. The path then leads over the rocks of the deep Murgtal valley, which offer fantastic views, and on to Forbach. The Westweg then passes the Herrenwieser See (a tarn) and the slopes of the Badener Höhe via the ridge between the Rhine and Murg rivers to the highest point in the Northern Black Forest, the Hornisgrinde. You will also find many other tarns, such as the Mummelsee and the beautiful, secluded Wildsee, on the Westweg. You can explore many of the stages on day trips from our hotel. The Ostweg (Eastern Trail) - a long-distance hiking trail

The Ostweg is a north-south long-distance hiking trail through the Black Forest from Pforzheim to Schaffhausen. This approximately 240 km long trail was created in 1903 and has since then been maintained by the Schwarzwaldverein (Black Forest Association).


There are three inviting long-distance cycling trails around Freudenstadt: the river cycling trails along the Murg and the Kinzig, as well as the Schwarzwälder Höhenradweg West (Black Forest Peak Cycling Trail West). Simple family cycling trips to the local outdoor swimming pool or adventure playground along winding paths across fields and through forests are also possible.

The Black Forest is a paradise for mountainbikers! Ambitious bikers can conquer up to 1000 metres in total vertical distance in a single day - and it’s not just the climbs, but the diverse countryside that take bikers’ breath away in many places. As well as the official mountainbike routes, rough forest trails are also an invitation to explore.

Below you will find details of the best cycling trails:

Kniebis Tour

The Kniebis Tour leads from Freudenstadt above the romantic Forbachtal to the Kniebis and is a perfect afternoon tour. Without any real ascents or technically difficult passages, it offers unspoilt biking on car-free roads.

Level: Beginner to intermediate tour for mountainbikes (or sturdy touring bikes). Long ascent out of the Christophtal to Kniebis. Then mainly flat. Length: 40 km (approx. 2.5 - 3 hours)

Wälder & Wiesen Tour (Forest & Meadows Tour)

East of Freudenstadt the countryside is much gentler than the sometimes rough main ridge. Valleys traverse the hills, there is a mix of colourful meadows, fields and forest, and small villages nestle on the valley floors. The Old Town of Dornstetten is very different - it is enthroned on a steep mountain spur above a tributary valley and is visible from afar.

In contrast to the sandstone and Renaissance town of Freudenstadt, half-timbered houses are prevalent in Dornstetten. There is something homely about the little streets and squares around St. Martin's Church. In the district of Hallwangen the Barefoot Park attracts all those who fancy slipping out of their shoes. Level: Beginner cycling tour with no major ascents Length: 37 km (approx. 2 - 3 hours)

Zwei-Täler-Tour (Two Valley Tour)

The Zwei-Täler-Tour connects the two most important valleys in the Northern Black Forest: the Murgtal drains the Eastern Main Ridge in the north, while all the streams and brooks of the southern part of the Northern Black Forest and the Central Black Forest flow into the Kinzigtal. Both rivers eventually converge into the Rhine and so continue together as the “waters of the Black Forest”.

Freudenstadt lies directly on the watershed between the Rhine and the Neckar, dividing the region’s two main river systems.

Level: Intermediate tour for mountainbikes (or possibly sturdy touring bikes), long ascent through the Sankenbachtal to Wasenhütte and from the Kinzigtalsperre. Length: 46 km (approx. 3.5 - 4 hours)

Tour de Murg

The Tour de Murg is the name given to the route along the Murg, one of the two main Black Forest rivers. And it’s name isn’t quite as far fetched as you might think: sections of the Tour de France course followed the Murg in 1987 and 2005, before returning to France. So there are real traces of cycling history in this initially wild, sometimes gorge-like valley, whose character then completely changes after Gernsbach.

Level: Intermediate cycling trail, mainly on forest and cycle paths. Few major ascents, but a long, constant, gradual climb from Freudenstadt to Gernsbach. Then mainly flat. Length: 49 km or 67 km (3 hours or 4 - 5 hours)